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Published on 10 August 2023 at 16:18


What I will reveal in this document will shake the foundation of every Religion worldwide. Some of you may find this information somewhat disturbing. But my intention is not to threaten your viewpoints in any way whatsoever. In fact, I hope to reinforce your beliefs with three basic principles: natural love, faith, and divine love. Everything I disclose to you is the sole truth and nothing but the truth.

James Padgett

What if I told you there was one true Religion in the universe? One faith that would be accepted by every living human on this Earth?

What if I said I could prove this by providing credible facts? And when I told you, would you understand and willingly accept these truths without hesitation or doubt?

Well, I tell you now, be prepared to blow your mind.



 James E. Padgett was a Washington D.C. Attorney who lost his wife, Helen, in 1914.  Helen was only 51 years old at the time of her passing.  Mr Padgett was devastated at the loss of his wife.  Soon, he began to visit Spiritualist groups to receive any message from the spirit world regarding his wife.

At one séance meeting, Padgett was told that he had mediumship skills – the gift of automatic writing. He was told to develop his skills, and he would be able to communicate directly with spirits.

Padgett intensely studied whatever he could find on Spiritualism, mediums and other books regarding communication with spirits. However, he was still practising law and trying to earn a living in the political arena of the District of Columbia, a relatively small legal community at the time.  Because he was still an attorney, Padgett studied privately at home and began practising his skill at receiving spirit messages through automatic writing.



When he first started receiving messages, Padgett could only see scribbles, which he described as "fish hooks" and "hangers".  After further study and some practice, Padgett eventually made out a short paragraph, and it was a message from his wife — Helen.

From that moment forward, Padgett continued receiving messages. Nearly daily, Padgett would dedicate time to receive messages from spirits, sometimes receiving messages from several spirits at one sitting.  From 1914 through his passing in 1923, James Padgett received nearly 3,000 messages from hundreds of spirits through automatic writing, generally using only a pencil and lined notebook paper. This body of work, some 3,000 messages or more, has become colloquially known as "The Padgett messages".

So what makes the Padgett Messages different from messages received by other mediums?

This is a great question. Mediums have been around since the beginning of Mankind. Even today, there are well-known "Pop" mediums, such as Theresa Caputo, who has a hit television show called "The Long Island Medium".  There are others, such as John Edward, Lisa Williams, John Holland and James Van Praagh. They all have mediumship skills of varying degrees, but they all have the gift of receiving messages from the spirit world.

The most distinguishing factor between popular mediums today and James E. Padgett are the spirits to whom Padgett communicated. They both speak and receive messages from spirits, but the Pop mediums generally speak with clients and audience members' relatives and loved ones. Padgett received messages from some of the most well-known spirits of mortals from human history, especially Jesus of Nazareth — the same Jesus of the Bible.

It is the collection of these conversations with Jesus, and many Celestial spirits, such as a number of his Apostles, Mary, and other known Biblical spirits, as well as U.S. Presidents, Nero, Caesar, and many, many other spirits, that has captured the hearts of those who have read the Padgett Messages.

Also, unlike these popular or "celebrity" mediums, James E. Padgett was a working attorney who never went "public" with his mediumship skills. He never profited from his work with the spirits or the 3,000 messages he received. Instead, he worked quietly in his home with a small group of trusted individuals. Padgett had only a few close friends that he trusted that were fortunate to witness and document this incredible medium and read the messages he received.


Before James Padgett died, the messages were passed to a fellow attorney, Eugene Morgan, who also possessed mediumship skills. Eugene Morgan and Dr Leslie R Stone were often present when Padgett received messages from spirit. Eugene Morgan left all of the Padgett and his messages to Doctor Stone through his will. Stone was tasked with the important job of publishing the messages.

Publishing the Padgett messages was daunting as these were handwritten messages received through the gift of automatic writing.  Padgett received thousands of these handwritten messages from Jesus, Celestial spirits, and many spirits of the lower or darker spheres. It is estimated that Doctor Stone had to wade through over 10,000 pages of individual, handwritten messages that spanned over the last nine years of Padgett's life.

Doctor Stone never wavered in those efforts, and in 1941 he published the first volume of the Padgett message in his own name. Doctor. Stone wanted to create a foundation in honour of his dear friend, but after the objection of the Padgett family, he then founded the Doctor Leslie R. Stone Foundation in 1955.


Because of the difficulty in receiving a tax-free status for the foundation in his own name led to the forming of the Foundation Church of the New Birth, which was established in January 1958. Doctor Leslie R Stone was joined by Doctor. Daniel G. Samuels and Rev. John Paul Gibson as the founding trustees.


The Foundation Church of the New Birth is still in existence, although through a long and varied history, and its trustees hold firm in its twofold mission:

Preserving the vital Truths which Jesus brought to light during his Second Coming through the mediumship of James E. Padgett and,

Disseminating those Truths, especially the great importance of prayer to the Father for inflowing His Divine Love into our human souls.

Other groups have formed churches based on the Truths revealed through the Padgett messages.

At some point in 1984, the F.C.N.B. placed the publications of the messages into the public domain. Today there are numerous publications based on The Padgett messages.

Also, through the outstanding efforts of Geoff Cutler and based on the work of Joseph Babinsky, there is a complete publication of The Padgett Messages that was created in a single chronological publication where you can read the messages in the date order that James Padgett received them.  By reading them in date order, you can see the context of the messages and how Padgett developed as a medium, obtaining more and more of Divine Love.  

Now the Truths revealed to James E. Padgett are available to all Mankind. I wish to acknowledge and thank the Foundation Church of the New Birth, Geoff Cutler, Joseph Babinsky, and all the Divine Love followers everywhere that have helped make available to everyone this fantastic compilation of work by an extraordinary medium and his work known as The Padgett Messages.


Some say that Religion is the cause of wars on Earth. The absolute truth is that Mankind has not been honest about Religion. Even to this day, he continues to distort the facts for his own ends.

Religion should not be complicated. It was made simple for us all to understand, but certain rulers opposed this for power and control.

How simple is Religion? If it is so simple, why is it so complicated to understand?

Did anybody ever define Religion clearly? You'll be surprised to know that Religion simply means being at one with God.

Many of us were told a lie and brainwashed into believing an alternative to simple Religion.


James Padgetts' communications in his book, "The New Testament of Spiritualism," provides a basic understanding of Religion. To understand this, one must have a basic knowledge of the afterlife. Don't despair if you are sceptical or indifferent about Spirituality. I suggest you read any book by James Padgett, which will give you a basic understanding of Spiritualism and the afterlife.

Please don't be surprised by the truths I am about to reveal to you about the afterlife. Some of you may doubt the concept of one world, one true Religion. But think for a moment about what we all have in common. We all crave love, and we all need love to thrive. We all prefer everlasting peace on Earth as opposed to war. We all possess life, which consists of body, mind, soul, and spirit body. We eat the same food and rely upon water as the basis of life. Why should our taste in Religion differ so much? After all, we all seek the same goal, Religion. To one day become one with God and to dwell in Heaven by his side in the afterlife.

Consider these facts. The first is, there is no beginning or end.

Time does not exist.

There is no death, because God did not create death.

And most important of all: There is only one God.


There are prophets, apostles, saints in Heaven, and angels. None are fallen; once Divine love is attained directly from God, one cannot revert to sin.

We are believed to be created simultaneously, but some of us come to Earth as others wait in the spiritual realms to be born into the flesh.

God created us as spirit bodies with an inner force called the soul, protected by the spirit body, replicating our material Earth body. We come to Earth for a purpose, to help other spirits, and not to help ourselves.

The Earth is a nursery for individualising the soul. Some talk of reincarnation. This is impossible. God created every living person as entirely unique. No two are the same. That is why we are so precious. Each of us has our own individuality, which is with us forever because the spirit body is the envelope and protector of the soul. We can only progress with Divine Love from God. We are not required to possess multiple identities, which would only complicate matters further.

The soul cannot be taken from, torn from, or in any other way deprived of its spirit body; once it has come to the spirit world, it would be equally impossible for the spirit body to enter the physical body of another human being. Only a soul without a spirit body can enter a physical body, and on the death of the body, the soul manifests its spirit body.


God created the spirits as male and female pairs, sometimes called soulmates, which must be individualised to separate male from female. One will be born into the body and live a life on Earth, whilst the other will remain in the spiritual realms. This is one of the main reasons why we come to Earth.

When the first man and woman fell, they lost what destroyed the harmony of their existence with the laws of God. Also, they were deprived of the great potentiality of becoming divine in their natures of love and immortality, like unto God, but as merely created men, they fell from perfection and not from divinity. Nor were they deprived of the possibility of living forever in physical bodies, which were not designed to live on Earth forever.

The death sentence was not pronounced on the physical but upon the soul potentialities. And when man shall become perfect again, it will not be necessary to restore the physical body.

With the soul embedded, the spirit body enters the physical human body and remains with it until the end of Earth life, sometimes referred to as your armageddon. We know these facts because of valid scientific evidence and spirit communications from eminent spiritualists and the highly credible readings of James Padgett.


If the doubtful were to open their hearts to these truths, the world would surely be a much better place for us all. Some would argue that we have no God because of the evil deeds committed on Earth. God does not encourage men to commit sin. Man commits evil deeds themselves without provocation, using the power of their own free will, given to them after the fall. Man created sin, and he will have to remove sin.

What about punishments? Well, you will be pleased to know that there are no devils or burning fires in the afterlife. Why should there be? Fire cannot destroy the spirit, only sin can do that, and monsters cannot harm you because you have no physical body to feel pain.

How will I be punished when I get to the spirit world? All those little bad things I did while on Earth. I told lies, and I stole from other people. What about murderers? The ones who got away with it. Some didn't even serve time for their heinous crimes.


There is no special punishment inflicted by God on any particular man. God has already set the rules for punishment. A little while after a spirit has left the body and entered the afterlife, his soul is awakened with memories of the past deeds done on Earth. Relief will only come when these memories cease their awful lashings. Only natural love can rid these memories, and it can be many years later when this law of compensation is satisfied when sin and error are eradicated. The soul will return to its pure state as it did when it first entered the Earthly body as an innocent child.


What about Fame. Most people enquire about fame in the afterlife. Will I still be famous in the spirit world when I cross over? So attractive is the accumulation of money, the gaining of fame, and what we call success here on Earth that we seem to neglect our spiritual duties. However, you will be highly disappointed when you reach the other side, as fame, as we know it here, does not exist.

James Padgett tells us about communications where famous people show remorse due to their earnest pursuits of material things on Earth and how this futile greed prevented their spiritual growth In Heaven. Believe it or not, many victims have suffered for hundreds or even thousands of years without progressing in the spirit world. Yes, you can progress there. The purpose is to develop the spirit through prayer, direct to God, and advance further into the higher, brighter spheres. Jesus told us that we already possess Natural Love or Human Love. This is fine, but one would require a higher love, Divine Love, to progress further. This love can only be obtained directly from God, through earnest prayer, directly to God, not Jesus, as some ecclesiastics wrongly preach. Jesus is significant; after all, he came to show us the way to the higher Heavens.  


This is the love that Jesus possessed while here on Earth. He used this love to demonstrate faith and cure the sick. This love can move mountains. Why was Jesus so popular? He was the only human who ever possessed complete divine love from God. The bestowal of this love was intended to transform man from the merely perfect man into the bright heavenly angel.

The idea of a heavenly kingdom in the seventh sphere is now developing. Only spirits with a high degree of Divine Love can enter this realm. This is where the belief that only a select few shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven emanates. The truth is that we are all given the chance to enter the higher realms, provided we have full possession of the Divine Love.

We are not required to pray in a particular place, nor do we need any material object from the Earth to assist us. We are all equal. Therefore we can all pray to the same God through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a spiritual force that God uses to control the universe. The Divine or Holy Spirit is the other and higher spirit that emanates from God. This spirit carries God's divine qualities of love, power, wisdom, goodness, and mercy. Once implanted in the human soul, that soul becomes divine, and the divinity can never be removed. No human can give his portion of divine love to another. Only God can bestow divine love on the human soul.

If you decide to read James Padgett's books on Spirituality, I suggest you begin with "The New Testament of Spiritualism." This book reveals a short history of Padgett's life and many exciting readings from his wife Helen, friends and family, and many famous people who passed over to the other side.

I guess you are wondering what it is like on the other side? In the book,  "The New Testament of Spiritualism," Padgett's wife, Helen, describes her experience leaving her body and entering the spirit world. Even when she met her dead parents, they refused to believe they had died and, thought they were still living on Earth. Her mother, in particular, would not believe so soon, for she continued to feel that she was with her acquaintances on Earth, and that they were not treating her very courteously, for when she spoke to them, they would not answer.

Helen continued to describe in detail to her husband, James Padgett, "When I left my body, I felt that something unusual was happening, but I was not afraid.

Those of you who are doubtful of the existence of the spirit world, just take a deep breath, close your eyes, and think for a moment. Do you recall the phrase, "On Earth as it is in Heaven?" Strangely, this means exactly what it says. In the material world, we live in spheres that float in space. Likewise, spirits have described Heaven as spheres where spirits live.

The afterlife differs from Earth. However, there are many similarities. You will not have the same material body, all fragile and vulnerable like the one you have on Earth. The physical material will be the soul, enclosed by the spiritual body. One will also have a choice of where to dwell. Padgett's wife, Helen, described her home as very beautiful, and she went on to say how she admired its white marble and the gardens surrounded by lawns, flowers, and trees of various kinds.

She even told him of the beauty of the inside. She said there are many beautiful pictures on the walls, which are all frescoed and hung with delicate coverings, and the floors are inlaid with beautiful mosaics. I have all the splendid furniture that I could possibly wish for. My library contains books about God and his love for man. She continued, you would be in your element if you could be with me. It is permanent, and the house trees and flowers are more real to me than those on Earth. They are not shadowy as you may think but so substantial that they never decay or grow old. There is beautiful light everywhere.

There is no need for food in the spirit world, but one can choose to eat for social pleasure. Helen said she did not eat because she was hungry but because she enjoyed the flavours so much.

Helen told Padgett that she hoped to progress further to other realms of the spirit world. Yes, this is possible, just like here on Earth, where you start learning as a child and could become a teacher. In Heaven, there is no money. There are no financial benefits for being unkind to anybody. My Father's house has many mansions, which means just what it says, without any complications. Heaven has many realms, just like the Earth, which has many countries populated by various people. The difference is Heaven is divided into seven spheres that encompass entirely the Earth. The size, vibration and amount of light a sphere contains increases the further it is from the Earth.

The spirit world co-exists with the Earth's atmosphere, and into outer space, only at a different vibration; therefore, the spirit world is in a separate dimension while within the same space. The first six spheres contain several planes. Each plane is comparable to the condition of every mortal of the Earth and every spirit of the spirit world.

The spirit world is a very busy place. Each year around 56 million people go there. A buffer zone exists, just above the Earth, where no spirits live, but they use it for their visitations to and from the Earth plane. There is a tunnel that connects the buffer zone with the second sphere. It passes through the lowest sphere, the first, which is deemed to be the worst. It is said that the tunnel's purpose is to insulate the new spirit from seeing the penalties paid by the inhabitants of the first sphere. Those penalties, which are equal to their crimes. The world would have no sin if men could only see their torment while living in the flesh.

In the seventh sphere, the spirits have homes just as they do in the lower spheres, only they are much more beautiful and bring more happiness because of the significant number of additional things that God provides to increase the happiness of His children.

Above the seventh sphere is the Kingdom, which has three numbered spheres, and then continues onward from there. The Kingdom is a new realm just over two thousand years old and was created by God when Jesus was born. The realm is not fully completed yet and is still under construction. Of course, it is not built with physical material, bricks and mortar, but with the souls of God's children transformed into divine angels.

When the Kingdom is completed, it will close for a time, and then all the suffering of both worlds will cease for all eternity. It will be as if the city of God has been lowered to the Earth.

So you see, Religion is extremely simple. We are only required to do one simple, uncomplicated thing: to love and care for one another and to pray earnestly to God for Divine love to enter directly into our souls, straight from the Holy  Spirit.

Pray each day with all your heart, wherever you may be. You don't necessarily need to be in a place of worship or with a group of people to do this, but you can if you desire. Prayers can be any prayer said in your mind, with the added plea for Divine Love incorporated into the request direct to God. Divine affords the soul the most tremendous benefits and happiness. It is more significant than enlightenment, it is the Christ Principle.

The difference between the eternal life of the natural love and the immortal life of the divine love is that all human souls are eternal, and in all likelihood, will exist forever, but a soul that has become immortal by the divine love is guaranteed to live as long as God exists. That is Religion. Not to become a god, which would be impossible, but to become one with God.

What can I do to change the world?

Start changing the world now, not by hatred or war, but by praying daily to God. All you need to do is ask earnestly for Divine Love to enter your soul from the holy spirit. Every man, woman and child on this Earth is qualified to complete this simple task regardless of colour or creed. Whether you believe in God or not, please start praying now; steadily, you will see a gradual change in the world. It will become a new world filled with love and peace, a transformation that will astound us beyond our wildest dreams. This knowledge is the gospel truth brought to Mankind by the prophets and revealed by James E. Padgett. How can you deny the most powerful force in the universe? The only power that can change our lives for the better. The power of love.

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