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As it is in Heaven Inspiration


Who or what inspired these great 21st Century industrialists to build an underground super-speed train to link world cities and perhaps countries?

Imagine a world without polluting aircraft, where you could travel safely at great speed. London to Sydney in under 30 minutes, perhaps? New York and Miami would be a breeze—no more delays or holiday queues.

Possibly they have read the “As it is in Heaven” Trilogy. The first book (illustrated here) was written by Winslow Nicholas and published in 2017; about a man, Newton Flotman, who was rescued from a life support system 898 years after a failed scientific experiment.

The world (Earth) Newton Flotman woke up in was entirely different than today. They had light-speed craft but no more noisy aircraft. Can you guess how the population travelled? Yes, a subterranean system deep underground inside a network of tubes that span the entire globe. 

Hopefully, Richard and Elon have read the complete Trilogy (3 books) because other interesting and exciting inventions are included.