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As it is in Heaven

£8.12 £2.82

2nd BOOK IN THE TRILOGY. (The 3rd "Ghost Crystal" is available now from Amazon Kindle).

The body of a 21st Century scientist, Newton Flotman, is discovered deep underground inside a life support chamber in the 30th Century and is revived from hibernation with ultra-advanced technology.


He later learns of many disturbing and wonderful developments, which occurred on Earth during his years of absence, including the 3rd World War, the final Nuclear Holocaust, which caused horrific death and destruction, and had physically altered the planet to such a degree that even our top geologists and scientists were left completely baffled…thus began a new era, which they called, ‘The Terrain Reformation Period’.


Almost 898 years had passed, the year of our Lord AD 2914, he finds himself now living in a reformed world where war, violence, crime, greed, poverty, and money, had long since been abolished, along with all religions and false teachings, where man’s success is measured only by his advancement in technology, knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual development, and his eagerness in his quest for the divine love from one God.


Surrounded by generosity, love, and kindness, he struggles to find out about his past (and later discovers some shocking truths too) with the aid of a new invention, Ghost Crystal, a technology that enables direct communication with the spirit world.


If you are tired of violence and murder and share a keen interest in technology and spiritual matters, then you will enjoy this adventure immensely. The story is told through the eyes of Newton himself, as he describes, most brilliantly, the perfect blueprint for the creation of a flawless world which most of us would yearn for.