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As it is in Heaven 2


PLEASE NOTE This is The Second Book in the Trilogy (As it is in Heaven is the 1st).

Breaking news just in – Professor Newton Flotman has been kidnapped. He was last seen on a luxury yacht out in the Pacific Ocean. The ship named ‘The Golden Flame’ after he was invited there by a mysterious man called Darsadran. Kidnapping, Conspiracy, lies, deceit, murder? This is a far cry from the natural, peaceful world that Professor Newton Flotman is used to.


However, he is compelled to action when his friend, Nesasigamany disappears suddenly soon after the sighting of some strange bright lights in the sky. How did Newton end up in a strange starless galaxy in the middle of an interplanetary war between two factions? To escape the wrath of the evil warlord, I’walwenzor, who threatens to destroy his neighbour’s planet with a deadly weapon, H.O.L.E, and steal the moon from Earth, Newton must obtain the Golden Crystal, the key to free the incarcerated spirits from the manmade spiritual planet called Celestia.


There is a plausible reason why Newton Flotman is the only man in the universe who is able to prevent this malicious plan, but it won’t be an easy task. His quest is fraught with battles with the enemy, daring rescues, and confrontations with fierce creatures on the way. The story seems to develop even further when he discovers an abandoned baby wandering about on the deck of a drifting vessel on the dangerous waters of the 'Dead River.

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