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Shape up with Karatics


If you have been searching for the most efficient and effective method of losing weight and keeping in good shape, you can stop right now, as it is finally here. Karatics is a name given to a new system of exercises derived from the ancient oriental art of Karate, which can be practised by anybody with little or no knowledge of martial arts. The exercises are easy to follow, as each movement is explained in detail. Mostly all of them are assisted with colour photographs using five different models.

Karatics is not a transient course, as are diets which you follow for a limited period of time, then revert to unhealthy eating. It is a continuing regimen, which will serve to improve your health and furnish you with a better understanding of diet and exercise. You will be able to apply these basic rules and principles to everyday life without much effort and, at the same time, continue to improve greater awareness and well-being.

The book contains 11 chapters over 175 pages. There is information on Slimming, Preparation, Weight training, special Sumo techniques, and a very effective "Office desk work-out" which can easily be performed while sitting in your chair during your lunch break! Details about food supplements are also included as well as a variety of delicious mouth-watering recipes.

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