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The Adventures of the Flying Boat


“It’s a monster! It’s a monster!” It cried, in a very high pitched voice. After discovering a strange, silvery object in the lake in their back garden, Broders and Chi-Chi meet and befriend a little green leprechaun who takes them on an adventurous journey through strange lands, where they meet with a host of exciting characters.


A must for children of all ages, this book is designed to be read to children. Reading to your children will help stimulate their imagination, and at the same time help them to develop their reading and listening skills, and also enhance their ability to concentrate. Reading to a child makes it easier for him/her to develop speech. With years of front-line medical experience as founder and former director of one of the busiest university-hospital clinics in North America, assistant professor of Pediatrics and former Director of Multiformat Health Communications, McGill University, Dr Paul Roumeliotis has earned a reputation as a down-to-earth communicator who encourages parents to become active and informed participants in the care of their children's health and well-being.


Dr Paul states that “Reading to a child is also an ideal opportunity for a parent to spend some time with their child. Reading time can be perceived as "their time!" I suggest that parents get down and spend time with their children at their level. Reading an interesting children's story to them accomplishes this.”