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Mr Glum (A Walk in the Park)


Mr Glum walked through the park, he walked until he met a lark. “Good day to you,” said lark to glum, “Have you come here for some fun? Or are you sad and feeling glum?


Winslow Nicholas has written several books on various subjects from Diet, Health and Exercise to Spiritual, including Children’s stories. Mr Glum is a unique and exciting new book as it is designed specifically for children of all ages.


It portrays a story about a sad and dejected character called Mr Glum, who is visited one day by a mystical cat called Angel, who then teaches him to become positive and happy. This book, Mr Glum (A Walk in the Park), is the second book in the series.


The entire story is told in verse. The book is explicitly designed to be read to children. It is guaranteed to make them chuckle through until bedtime.

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